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I was born in Sitka, Alaska in 1983. My parents divorced when I was 5, and I spent my childhood and teens moving back and forth between parents. So, I grew up in Anchorage, Sitka, and Juneau. But, I call Sitka home. I graduated in 2000. I should have gone to college - but didn't. I met my husband in 2002, let him marry me in 2003 :), and had a daughter with him in 2004. She is the pure JOY in our lives. My husband is AD in the United States Coast Guard. This means that life is never boring, and if it is- hey! we get to move every 3 or 4 years. He is currently a DC (Damage Controlman) 2nd class - working on making 1st class. You can also find me on

24 June, 2009


Super short one for now, but I wanted to let you readers know that IT'S TWINS!!

02 May, 2009

Thanking My Lucky Stars <3

pregnancy due date

(this has been CC&P'd from a forum I'm on)

I went in today for a follow up with my OB because of the ER appointment.

The nurse comes in, and I'm thinking "oh, REAL sensitive of you" because she had brought a doppler and some pregnancy informational books with her.
Then she asks me "so, when did you find out you were pregnant?" and I tell her it was last week, then I tell her about my fun little trait of not having urine tests work for me.
She's kind of laughing as she pulls out those round dial things, you know, the ones that tell you how far along you are, and when you're due, etc.
She then asks me "when was the first day of your last period?", as I start to answer it kinda hits me where this is
I ask her (after I pick my jaw up off the floor) "are you trying to tell me that my urine test was POSITIVE?"
She starts giggling and says "oh yes, it's most definitely positive".

At this point I begin to start sobbing and it startles her a bit, she asks if I'm ok and I tell her "someone's GOT to tell me what's going on! I'm not leaving here until I know!"
She's totally confused...
I tell her about my ER trip, what the ER doctor told me, and that I was told the pregnancy isn't viable because of my low HCG numbers.

Apparently the gal who I made the appointment with didn't tell her all of this.

(When I called to make the appointment, the gal who I talked to was PISSING me off. She was talking over me, and not listening to what I was saying. After I tell her about the ER trip, and the fact that I haven't started bleeding... that I'd like to be seen so I can have some sort of timeline before I need to look in to a D&C. Her reply to that was "So you're not bleeding?"... I say "no, I'm not" and she says back to me "oh honey, that's a GOOD thing, you're not supposed to bleed when you're pregnant."
NO shit?!?! So anyways... she wasn't listening to a damn word I was saying. I had to call Julie and vent so I didn't behead the lady at the office LOL)

So, the nurse says she'd like to go talk to the doctor before we do anything else. She leaves and talks to him. Comes back and hands be a gown (yay...) and tells me the doctor wants to come in and examine me, and ask me more about the ER visit.
He comes in, I give him the run down of the ER fiasco. Give him my LMP, and the dates that I took my Clomid on. Then I get my exam.
In short, he tells me that we're proceeding with this as a normal pregnancy. He said my uterus is slightly enlarged, my cervix is that of a pregnant woman, and he believes my "leftover" pregnancy symptoms aren't "leftover" at all, they're right on track and completely normal.

I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on the 13th - so please, please, please... send me all the sticky dust you've got. I need this lil one to make it. It's been a HARD 2 1/2 years. Sticky vibes, and "see the heartbeat on the monitor in two weeks" vibes please!!!

On a kind of silly note, I'm also tickled pink because POAS'ing has worked for me this time. It NEVER had before... I know it's a little thing, but it still makes me giggle to see those two lines show up.

27 April, 2009

MC #4

Well, I *was* pregnant. My HCG levels are consistent with someone who is 1 week pregnant, when I am at 5 weeks.
I'll be making an appointment with my OB to see how long they'll give me to expel on my own before we start talking D&C.

19 April, 2009

Not So Springy...

Is it just me, or does it seem like Spring is the season to get pregnant?
Kinda feels like people are popping up out of everywhere announcing their pregnancy. I'm neutral on this, one of those "happy for them, sad for me" deals.

I have decided that this is my last month I'm taking Clomid. It's been a long 2 1/2 years, and Clomid is just too freakin' hard. If I'm pregnant this month, that is of course wonderful... and if I'm not, I'll move ahead with my plans on going to school.

DH and I have really discussed adoption, and taken a few preparation courses online. After a few calls, we found out there isn't much we can do to get started on it down here. We have to wait until we've got an Alaska address.

I jumped the gun and took a pregnancy test this morning, of course it was negative and I'm sure you all know how GREAT of a mood that can put a person in.
I've decided that I'm not going to do another thing until the 1st of the month. If the 1st rolls around and AF doesn't show, I'll just go in for bloodwork.
It's kind of a self preservation thing, because if I don't find out, and by some chance I AM pregnant but miscarry early (like the past two times) then I can spare my heart and just tell myself it was a late period.

It's gettin' down to the time to be leaving here!! I'm so excited! I know how some people just love the south, I however am not one of them. In a little over a month, I'll be saying goodbye to Greenville and I am ecstatic. This place just has too many bad memories for me, among other things.
I'll be spending time in Sitka, and in Juneau. And no Leese, I'm not posting the dates!!! (I'm surprising Lisa when I get in Sitka.... muah-ha-ha-ha!!)
It's going to be so awesome to see my family and friends. It's been a year and a half since I've been home.
Ryleigh and I will be visiting my family while he makes the drive from Gville to Bellingham WA to catch the ferry up to Juneau. Then, Ryleigh and I will be making the drive with him from Haines to Valdez, AK - where we'll meet Tanoi- and then hop the ferry to Cordova. It's gonna be one helluva long trip, but I know it's going to be a blast.
Ryleigh is excited for snow, or so she thinks. Most of what she knows as daily life is MS weather, hot and muggy. It's going to be a BIG weather adjustment for her up there. I'm sure once she sees that the other kids don't let the weather stop them from doing what they want to do, that she'll join in and be just fine :)

Hope all's well with you, been kinda quiet out there...

09 April, 2009

It's So Wonderful To Read Good News

There's a fellow blogger who's journey I've been reading, her name is Beth and she's had one heck of a long bumpy road.
She's an amazingly sweet person, who, even though she doesn't know me, has always had helpful advice and been supportive.

It's really great to read some positive news from someone who has had such a trying time on the TTC road.

Stop by and congratulate her :)

27 March, 2009

Last is Luckiest?

Last round of Clomid... Unless I go back, and he gives me even more.
I'm considering taking the advice of Beth and if it doesn't work this month, calling and making my own appointment to see a specialist. If I'd have enough time before we leave.
From what I understand, with Tri-Care, a specialist HAS to see you within 30 days. Maybe I have that wrong, I'll have to look in to it.
I just think it would be nice to at least have someone do some pokin' (no pun haha!) around before we're officially outta here.

I'm not sure what the policy is on seeing a specialist is in AK, with TriCare. Do they consider Fertility stuff enough of a reason to cover the cost of your trips and such?
I wouldn't think so, but then again... sometimes they surprise me.