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I was born in Sitka, Alaska in 1983. My parents divorced when I was 5, and I spent my childhood and teens moving back and forth between parents. So, I grew up in Anchorage, Sitka, and Juneau. But, I call Sitka home. I graduated in 2000. I should have gone to college - but didn't. I met my husband in 2002, let him marry me in 2003 :), and had a daughter with him in 2004. She is the pure JOY in our lives. My husband is AD in the United States Coast Guard. This means that life is never boring, and if it is- hey! we get to move every 3 or 4 years. He is currently a DC (Damage Controlman) 2nd class - working on making 1st class. You can also find me on

01 March, 2008

At least someone has listened

Thursday the Husband and I went in to our appointment. I was relieved that I wasn't feeling like I had to convince the nurse practitioner that something needed to be looked in to. I've felt that way in the past, and the brushings off have made me really bitter.
As it stands right now, Husband and I have been referred and are waiting for a phone call setting up an appointment with a fertility clinic. Husband is gonna get to leave some love in a cup, and we're gonna go from there.