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I was born in Sitka, Alaska in 1983. My parents divorced when I was 5, and I spent my childhood and teens moving back and forth between parents. So, I grew up in Anchorage, Sitka, and Juneau. But, I call Sitka home. I graduated in 2000. I should have gone to college - but didn't. I met my husband in 2002, let him marry me in 2003 :), and had a daughter with him in 2004. She is the pure JOY in our lives. My husband is AD in the United States Coast Guard. This means that life is never boring, and if it is- hey! we get to move every 3 or 4 years. He is currently a DC (Damage Controlman) 2nd class - working on making 1st class. You can also find me on

22 September, 2008


Ryleigh's due for a shot that she's going to get tomorrow, I think since we're there I'm going to go ahead and just ask for a blood pregnancy test.
I'm tired of the disappointment of POAS's, and want to get it off my brain. The last week is always the hardest for me.
Next month is my last month of Clomid, if it doesn't work. I really think I'm done with this whole clusterfuck. Tired of watching others get pregnant, while I just try in vain.
Thanks for always being supportive you guys - it means a lot.

16 September, 2008

Tick Tock

We're back on the 2WW again. I followed the advice of a friend from my last blog (ty friend!) and went ahead with the Clomid, and just pushed my O day back like she instructed. DH schedule has worked pretty alright with us this month, so we've gotten some good "time" in ;)
If it doesn't work this month, we've just got next month to try-try again.

I really think after this, I will never own a calender again. The harder I try NOT to look at it every day, the MORE I end up looking at it.

*rubs earlobes* Whoooooo-Saaaaaaaahhhwww (you know, like on Bad Boys II)

I'm outta all the pregnancy tests I had too. And I'm not buying anymore. It's adding to the stress. If I'm late.. well, then I'm late and I'll just go in for a blood test. That way I can get that.. um, number. You know, the number.. the one that tells you your pregnancy level.
I can't remember the technical term - be gentle.

01 September, 2008


Started AF, and today is my day to start Clomid again.
Only problem is... today's freakin' Labor Day and the pharmacy is CLOSED?

Will it be worth it to just take it tomorrow? Anyone know...?